[Hong Kong] Pici

My visit:  The team behind Pirata, The Optimist, and Tokyolima recently opened Pici, a casual neighborhood pasta bar in Wan Chai, serving only freshly hand rolled pasta made daily.

Homemade Meatballs

We started off our meal with some homemade pork and beef meatballs expecting it to be as good or possibly better than the ones we previously had at Pirata.  Regrettably this was not the case, our meatballs were dry and underseasoned.


Next came the ravioli with black truffle, asparagus and shallots.  The black truffle lent a light, musky aroma and complex flavor however I had mixed feelings towards the asparagus filling as it was too mushy.


The orecchiette with Italian sausage, spicy n’duja and cherry tomato was my personal favorite. The small ear shaped pasta was chewy with a slight bite to it.  The flavors were delicious and simple with a nice punch of heat from the n’duja.

Verdict:  Pici offers straightforward food that is simple and a bang for the buck. The cool vibe is perfect for casual nights or a work week lunch.

Happy eating 🙂

GF, No. 16 St. Francis Yard, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
(852) 2755 5523

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