[Hong Kong] Bib n Hops

A little background:  Bib n Hops is an urban Korean street food style restaurant by the ‘Demon Chef’, Alvin Leung.  He believes that Seoul’s street food stalls offer a real sensory experience with so much to see, smell, and taste.  He hopes to capture that lively spirit and energetic atmosphere and inject it into Bib n Hops.


We started off with the yukhoe which was a interesting twist on the traditional Korean beef tatare dish.  The usual sliced snow pear was replaced by a pear sorbet.  The slightly frozen dish was also garnished with Parmesan cheese and soy truffle aioli for an extra umami factor.

Vongole Japchae

Shortly after came the western influenced vongole japchae.  I liked the chewiness of the sweet potato noodles and it went surprisingly well with the zesty flavorful pesto sauce.

Bulgogi Bibimbap

The bulgogi bibimbap wasn’t the most inventive dish but it did its job by filling us up!  Do wait a couple minutes before mixing the rice in order for the residual heat from the stone bowl to create nice crusty layer at the bottom.

Verdict:  The pricing is a bit high for casual Korean food but the portion sizes are decent and some of the interpretations of the classics dishes were quite playful.

Happy eating 🙂

Bib n Hops
18 Ship Street, Shop 13, J Residence, Wan Chai
+852 2882 9128

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