[Hong Kong] A Side / B Side

A little background:  Eating and sourcing seasonally, the list of things A Side / B Side cooks change continually.  However, throughout the year, they put emphasis on their organically grown vegetables.  They also have an evolving list of organic and natural wines, both young and old, as well as craft beers and a few other funky things.

My visit:  The menu at A Side / B Side highlights the potential of Hong Kong grown ingredients, particularly local organic vegetables.

Okra with Fermented Black Beans

Our meal began with the okra which was crunchy on the outside and juicy within.  The fermented black bean paste atop added an Asian twist giving the dish a salty and mildly spicy flavour.

Cauliflower with curry and Parmesan

The next veggie dish was cauliflower with curry and Parmesan.  Unfortunately the dish was heavily seasoned with mustard seeds and its pungent acrid taste ended up masking the flavor of the curry.


For our mains, we had the octopus which was well cooked and tender.  It was served with a rosy paprika sauce that was more on the sweet side.

Uni Risotto

We liked the uni risotto which was prepared using local white grain that had a rice pudding like texture.


The steak was a disappointment.  Although the meat was nicely charred and a perfect medium rare, it was tough and bland.  However the smooth velvety pumpkin puree was spot on.

Pear Konnyaku

The pear with jasmine tea and osmanthus konnyaku was a refreshing dessert.  I especially enjoyed the chewiness of the jelly.

Creme Brulee

An interesting combination of flavors, the creme brûlée was made of smooth rich chocolate with Sichuan peppercorns which gave a numbing sensation.

Verdict:  I appreciate the concept at A Side / B side but the most of the dishes were not quite to my liking.  Factoring in the cost and the poor service (from the owner), I won’t be returning anytime soon.


Happy eating 🙂


 A Side / B Side
53 Sai St, Tai Ping Shan
+852 2857 5055

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