[Hong Kong] Pang’s Kitchen 彭慶記*

A little background:  Anyone living in Happy Valley will be familiar with Pang’s Kitchen as it has been packing them in since it opened back in 2001. Its reputation is largely down to its Cantonese cuisine which comes in a decidedly homestyle, traditional style,  with dishes such as baked fish intestines in a clay pot, whole superior abalone in oyster sauce, and seasonal dishes like snake soup

My visit:  After my trip to Australia, I have been craving for  Cantonese food (sweet and sour pork in particular).  So I decided to head over to the one Michelin starred restaurant, Pang’s Kitchen, as sweet and sour pork is one of the dishes that they are well known for.

Sweet and Sour Pork with Strawberries 士多啤梨生炒骨

Their version had strawberries in it to differentiate between the standard dishes that usually has pineapple.  The sauce was very pleasing to the palate as it was the perfect balance of sweet versus sour.  However, the batter could be better as the coating for the pork was not crispy enough.

Steamed Crab with Glutinous Rice 荷葉糯米蒸蟹

The steamed crab with glutinous rice was delicious and aromatic.  The whole crab was placed on top of the rice with chopped garlic and during the steaming process, all the lovely crab juices flowed down and was absorbed by the glutinous rice which added sweetness to the already flavorful rice.

Crispy Chicken with Garlic 金牌蒜香雞

The crispy chicken with garlic was another favorite.  The chicken was fried so perfectly that it was crispy on the outside but still juicy and succulent on the inside.  The crispy minced garlic on top added extra textural crunch while imparting the chicken with garlicky flavors.

Stir Fried Milk with Scallops 大良炒鮮奶

The stir fried milk with scallops was very well executed.  The scallops were sweet and soft as silk and was perfectly complemented by the velvety scrambled egg whites.

Verdict:  The prices are a bit high considering the lack of interior however we thought it was worth it as the food was impressive and it certainly satisfied my craving.

Happy eating 🙂

Pang’s Kitchen 彭慶記
G/F, 25 Yik Yam Street, Happy Valley
852 2838 5462


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