[Hong Kong] Fishsteria Seafood Place

A little background:  Founder of Giando & EAT.it, Gianni Caprioli recognized a demand for an elevated seafood dining experience when he decided to create Hong Kong version of a cool seafood spot for after work gathering at the informal lounge space on ground whereas a casual elegant seafood concept restaurant on the upper floor. His seafood passion brought this concept stage to reality when the perfect location coming up on the growing upscale residential and business hub. “Bringing the true freshness from food is always my key, especially for seafood! People have become much more sophisticated about what they eat and drink. Those factors increased demand for an elevated dining and bar experience in this neighborhood,” said Gianni.


My visit:  The weekend brunch at Fishsteria ($338 per person) includes a wide selection of seafood and salads from a buffet, starters served on the table, a choice of main and a dessert.  For an additional $288, you can enjoy a free flow of Bloody Mary, Gin Tonic and Champagne.

Buffet Counter

Our meal began with a beautiful buffet spread of cold dishes, including octopus, salmon, tuna and a variety of salads.


Do try to avoid over-eating at the buffet as there are plenty of other gorgeous seafood to follow.  Some of my favorites were the freshly shucked oysters from France as well as the sweet clams in a garlicky white wine sauce which was simply delicious.

For the main course, we tried the lobster spaghetti with half lobster in cherry tomato sauce (additional $78), half lobster thermidor (additional $78) and risotto with crab and prawn.

Lobster Spaghetti and Lobster Thermidor

I loved the flavors of the lobster spaghetti.  The textures were great and the lobsters’ coral pink roe in the sauce made the dish even more luxurious.

The lobster thermidor tasted divine.  Delicious chunks of lobster in a creamy sauce served with an oven brown cheese crust.  Most thermidors taste quite heavy but Fishsteria’s version was almost sleek.

Crab and Prawn Risotto

The crab and prawn risotto was very clean and fresh.  The seafood flavors shined through the loose and creamy risotto.

Crab Straccitella Salad

We also had the opportunity of trying the crab tasting menu.  It included a refreshing crab straccitella salad. The old rule that says “no cheese with seafood” does not apply here!   The burrata added tremendous texture and flavour to the sweet and delicate crabmeat.

Crab Risotto

The crab risotto was nothing short of decadent.  The saffron provided glorious color and lent a semi-sweet flavour to the perfectly cooked risotto.  The rice formed soft waves when pushed with the fork.

Baked King Crab Leg and Crispy Soft Crab

The baked king crab leg and crispy soft crab came with a creamy and delicious black truffle aioli which was highly addictive!  A generous portion of king crab legs filled with tender, sweet white meat.

White Chocolate Panna Cotta
Mascarpone Cream

For dessert, we had the white chocolate panna cotta with cherry sauce and toasted almonds as well as the mascarpone cream on chocolate coffee.  I found the panna cotta a tad too stiff however the velvety mascarpone was very tasty.

Verdict:  Brunch at Fishteria is certainly a stand out option.  The fresh limitless seafood, affordable price and casual vibe makes the perfect weekend.


Happy eating 🙂

Fishsteria Seafood Place
111 Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong
+852 2343 8111


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