[Hong Kong] Ta Vie*

A little background:  Ta Vie 旅 means ‘your life’ in French and ‘journey’ in Japanese.  Chef Sato Hideaki, who has worked at Ryu Gin for three years, wishes to bring customers on a tasty journey through his special menu with French and Japanese fusion dishes that allows the ingredients to shine, accentuating their purity and original flavors through simple cooking, seasoning and presentation. 


My visit:  Ta Vie was definitely a restaurant on my to-dine list for quite some time.  Recently they have launched a lunch menu, making it more welcoming for those who want to experience the environment and quality dining of this 1 Michelin star establishment which is also the 48th best restaurant in Asia.


Even though it was lunch, the attentiveness and details in setup has portrayed its high value. The menus were already placed in a glass bottle prior to seating.  It was like a treasure map calling you to open for the hidden message.


Our journey began with a glass of cold tea of our choice.  I went with the Gyokuro which is a type of shaded tea from Japan.  It had a smooth taste and sweet ending with complex notes.


The homemade sourdough was amazingly light and had a delicious tang.

Water Balloon Eggplant and Simmered Abalone with Japanese Ravigote Sauce

Our first course was a water balloon eggplant and simmered abalone with Japanese ravigote sauce.  The abalone was soft and chewy while the sea grapes added an interesting popping texture and succulent mouthfeel.  The ravigote sauce was lightly acidic; a touch of sweetness would help heighten the whole dish.

House Made Pasta With “Anori” Fresh Seaweed Sauce Topped with Premium Uni

My taste buds were awaken by the house made pasta with “Anori” fresh seaweed sauce topped with premium uni.  The balance between the savoriness of the sea vegetable and the sweet brininess of the sea urchin was just right, creating big umami flavor.

Ray Fin “a la Meuniere” Kombu Sherry Vinegar Sauce with Black Truffle

The ray fin “a la meuniere” kombu sherry vinegar sauce with black truffle was seasoned perfectly and paired well with the treasured fungus.  The fish had a nice crispy exterior and a good firm texture which allowed it to peel off the bone easily.

Wagyu “Minute” Steak with Burnt Onion and Onsen Egg in Japanese Whisky Sauce

Our last savory course was the wagyu “minute” steak with burnt onion and onsen egg in Japanese whisky sauce.  A revamp version of a sukiyaki, the thin slice of wagyu was buttery and the sweet soy sauce complimented the slow-cooked egg nicely.

“Tarte au Citron” with Lemon Confit Cream, Sugar Crystallized Tarte and Meringue Ice Cream

The “tarte au citron” with lemon confit cream, sugar crystallized tarte and meringue ice cream was almost too beautiful to eat.  It was a light and elegant dessert to help put a closing note to our meal.

Petite Four

Our journey ended with a plate of lighter than air walnut meringues that were not overly sweet but packed with nutty flavors.  These petite four were served with glass of hot golden oolong tea from Taiwan.

Verdict:  From taste to plating to the dining experience, Ta Vie demonstrated high caliper of quality.  I am truly impressed that they maintained the consistency from Japan abroad.  Needless to say, Ta Vie ranks high on my favorite restaurant list.

Happy eating 🙂

Ta Vie 
2/F, The Pottinger, 74 Queen’s Road Central, Central
+852 2668 6488


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