[Toronto] Bar Raval

My visit: Bar Raval has been the talk of town and being a huge fan of its famed sister restaurant, Bar Isabel, I knew I couldn’t miss out on a stop here before leaving Toronto.

It was a gorgeous day out so we decided to sit on the patio.

image2 (32)

Our meal kick started with the sobrassada which was made from a semi soft chorizo sausage.  The sobrassada was easily spreadable on the toast and was a scrumptious appetizer.

image4 (24)
Morcilla & Egg

For me, this dish truly encapsulated all the flavors of Spain, especially the decadent and moist morcilla; pairing it with quail eggs was a very classic combination.

image3 (24)
Shrimp & Romesco

If I was forced to choose then perhaps my favorite tapa would be the shrimp and romesco.  The shrimp uplifted the dish with freshness and was complimented by a delicious puréed nutty red bell pepper.

image5 (21)
Humboldt Squid & Artichoke

The Humboldt squid and artichoke were both tender, perfectly done.  Braised with olive oil, garlic and chili, this dish was simple but so tasty.

image6 (19)
Stracciatella & Boquerones

We also tried the stracciatella and boquerones.  The saltiness of the anchovies enhanced the flavor of the cheese and in turn the silky smooth burrata helped tone down the strong fishy taste.  A fantastic dish with a very harmonic combination of flavors.

image1 (41)

The donut was an adventure of its own.  The contrast between the saltiness of the jamon ham and the sweetness of the dulche de leche made for the perfect bite.

Verdict:  Bar Raval is as blatantly one of a kind as it can be. Every dish was crafted tentatively to bring a wow experience. If you’re looking to simmer yourself into a Spanish atmosphere, the vibe and food will definitely bring you there.

*Please note that there is a no reservations policy.

Happy eating 🙂

Bar Raval
505 College St, Toronto


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