[Toronto] Scaramouche

A little background:  Scaramouche has long been celebrated by customers and critics for its unwavering commitment to making each dining experience a memorable one. Chef/owner Keith Froggett’s sophisticated cuisine is presented simply with care and attention to detail. The service underscores that philosophy: unobtrusive and respectful. These are the components that make Scaramouche the singular destination it is and the reason that the restaurant has consistently ranked as one of the city’s best for over thirty five years.

My visit:  Scaramouche is one of my mom’s favorite restaurant.  We pay a visit here at least once a year and this year was no different.

image1 (5)
Amuse Bouche
Our meal began with an amuse bouche of salmon with rice chip and nori puree.  We were promised that it would activate our taste buds before our meal started however the salmon was not fresh and tasted rather unpleasant.

image3 (5)
Beef Tartare
The classic beef tartare was served with an array of traditional goodies like capers, chives and shallots but sadly there was also a live fruit fly on the plate.  I had to send this dish back.

image4 (3)
Sea Scallops
The sea scallops were delicious; very fragrant with a lemony aroma which made the dish light and summery.

image2 (6)
Unfortunately I could not say the same for the lamb.  It was bland and overcooked and our server insisted that it was the lighting in the restaurant that made the meat look grey.

image5 (3)
Ontario Strawberries
By this point, I was a bit put off by the food but thankfully the dessert lived up to its regular standards.  The pastry chef did a great job balancing the flavors of the fresh Ontario strawberries, sponge cake and yuzu cream.

image6 (2)
Petite Four

Verdict:  Coming back after a year apart and having experienced a larger scope of cuisines, I must say my palette has become more sensitive.  This particular dining experience of mine at Scaramouche may not define its high standard which it has lived up to for many years.  I would love to return to form a fuller judgement but it is unfortunate that I no longer reside in Toronto.  Hopefully next year upon my return I will be able to enjoy its fullest once again.

Happy eating 🙂

1 Benvenuto Pl, Toronto, ON M4V 2L1
(416) 961-8011


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