[Toronto] Omaw

My visit:  After Alo, Omaw, was my next most anticipated visit as owner chef Matt Blondin was also a former chef from Acadia and he claims that Omaw is what Acadia should’ve been in the first place. The creative chef Blondon changes to menu of the a Carolina-inspired eatery periodically as he constantly wants to try new things and believes that there is always room for improvement.

image1 (2)
Aged Wagyu
First to arrive was the restaurant’s most popular dish; aged wagyu served carpaccio style topped with beef fat vinaigrette, pea relish and buttered popcorn plus a ramekin of tiny fluffy johnnycakes to place the strips of beef onto before devouring it.

image5 (1)
Kentucky Fried Squid
The Kentucky fried squid was composed of salt pork, melon rind and fried squid sticks.  Covered in a tangy white BBQ sauce, the squid was deep-fried to tender perfection and was extremely addictive.

image2 (4)
Gulf Prawns
My personal favorite had to be the grits.   We’re talking sweet Gulf prawns, crunchy corn and broccoli smothered in a puddle of peppery pimento cheesy grits.  The grits came out creamy and packed with flavor.

image3 (3)
Turkey + Dumplings

image4 (1)
Turkey + Dumplings
To finish, we had the turkey and dumplings.  The black truffle broth was aromatic and delicious and the moist turkey meat added the perfect amount of saltiness.  However, we had mixed feelings towards the texture of the dumpling as it was mushy like overcooked gnocchi.

Verdict:  With such a variety of cuisines to eat in Downtown Toronto, I was quite surprised that there hasn’t been a Southern option until now.  I loved the ambiance of this little place; think intimate and relaxed.  The service was also prompt and helpful.  Although I felt that the food was a step down from Acadia, I still think that Omaw is worth a visit.


Happy eating 🙂


88 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z3
(416) 477-5450


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