[Hong Kong] Ronin

A little background: Ronin is a Japanese inspired dining bar with a focus on fish and seafood and a curated selection of Japanese Whisky, sake, shochu, beer, wine and unique cocktails.

The Ronin food menu varies day-to-day depending on the selection of fresh market products available. They offer a chef’s tasting menu as well as an à la carte menu.

My visit:  Been due for a visit back to Ronin for a while now and was very honoured to be able to go with one of Hong Kong’s best lifestyle blogger.

image1 (37)
Flower crab, uni, mitsuba

We started off our meal with Ronin’s signature and one of my must order dishes at Ronin – the flower crab with uni and mitsuba.  Combining the best of both worlds, the sweetness of the crab was the perfect compliment to the brininess of the uni.

image2 (26)
Uni, fresh nori, anori panko

The uni with nori and aonori panko is a favourite from Yardbird’s menu. As instructed, we mixed all the components  together and the different textures with the umami flavours of the uni was pure heaven.

image5 (18)
Razor clams, wakame, hijiki, shio konbu

So glad that the razor clams with wakame and hijiki is back on the menu! The clams were plump and juicy and had a well flavoured sauce.

image3 (20)
KFC – Korean fried crabs

Next up was Ronin’s take on KFC (Korean Fried Crab). This was an off menu item but they were nice enough to make it for us.  The sawagani crabs with yuzu and sesame were crunchy with a great punch of flavour.

image4 (21)
Yuba, eggplant, pepper miso

The chewy yuba with rich and creamy eggplant was all held together in a pepper miso sauce.  A delightful combination of flavors and textures.

image6 (16)
Grilled mackarel

I really enjoyed the grilled mackarel.  Served with a slice of lemon, the mackerel was fresh and accurately grilled, the seasoning was on point.

image7 (8)
Kagoshima beef, maitake, egg yolk

As always, the Kagoshima beef was life changing. Another one of my must eats at Ronin, this dish is on the sweeter side.  The fatty pieces of thinly-sliced raw beef just melted in my mouth and it was made even richer by the egg yolk.  The crunch of the mushrooms and crisp garlic chips added a beautiful contrast of textures.

Verdict:  Ronin is definitely worth a visit.  They serve up mouth-watering dishes in a trendy environment with the same cool, casual vibe. It is not cheap but all the ingredients used are top notch and super-fresh.

*Do note that Ronin is hidden behind a heavy dark wood door way that bears no sign of its name!


Happy eating 🙂


8 On Wo Lane, Sheung Wan
852 2547 5263

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