[Hong Kong] ZUC.CCH.ERO

A little background:  ZUC.CCH.ERO is a laboratory for culinary wizardry with a focus on desserts. The name derives from the Italian word for sugar, with an added ‘C’ to keep the enigma alive. Here, molecular gastronomy finds a sweet-toothed audience, and the aesthetics of the perfect pudding transcend the plate to transform this hidden gem of a restaurant into a gesamtkunstwerk, a total artwork, that gently assaults the senses, massages the midriff and soothes the soul.

image1 (32)
Para Para Sakura

My visit: We started off with the Para Para Sakura which consisted of cotton candy, raspberry jelly, Gianduju mousse and chocolate cake.  The presentation was absolutely stunning and the tangy freshness of raspberry balanced well with the chocolate components.

image3 (16)
Okinawa Purple

The Okinawa Purple was superb!  The crust was buttery and crumbly.  The sweetness of the sweet potato tart along with the smokiness of the toffee sauce and earthiness of the red bean ice cream produced a harmony of flavors.  I will definitely come back for this!

image1 (31)
Break the Tear

The Break the Tear was a true work of art.  Once you crack open the candied shell, you’ll find a combination of Gorgonzola ice cream, celery ice, port wine sauce, walnut and hazelnut.  I liked the contrast of textures however my friend and I both found the the flavor of the Gorgonzola ice cream a bit strong.  If you love blue cheese… you’ll love this dessert!

Verdict:  I enjoyed my sweet experience here at ZUC.CCH.ERO.  The desserts were creative and fun.  The service was very personal, especially Karen, who took the time to explain each dish in detail and would periodically check up on us.  I am looking forward to come back and try their Asian-inspired desserts.


Happy eating 🙂


*By invitation


802-3, Bartlock Centre, 3 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
852 3427 9828


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