[Hong Kong] Kasa 家香

A little background:  Hong Kong’s newest Cantonese restaurant is serving up a playful twist on traditional dai pai dong classics, fusing them with contemporary dishes for both nostalgic and modern palates alike. With wall paneling mimicking the stalls of yesteryear and door frames copied from 19th century tong lau buildings, Kasa is stylish with a flare for old Hong Kong simplicity.

My visit:  Kasa is a little off the beaten path but luckily my friend and I still made it for our reservation despite the pouring rain.  By the time we got there we were both starving so we ordered anything that caught our eye!

image6 (13)
Soy Milk (left), Ovaltine and Horlick (right)

We started off with some drinks.  My hot soy bean milk was yummy and full of health benefits from the red dates! Score!

image2 (19)
Arancini, Chinese Preserved Sasauge

Next came the arciani with Chinese preserved sausages.  These little rice balls were crispy just like the bits you’d scrape off at the bottom of a clay pot.  I also liked the thick sweet soy sauce that went with it.

image1 (30)
Hard Boiled Egg, Chinese Vegetables, Minced Pork

The elevated scotch egg using Chinese vegetables and minced pork as the outer layer was a great concept but the execution could be better.  The egg was cooked perfectly however I would have liked to taste the Chinese vegetables a bit more.

image3 (15)
Caramelized Roasted Pork Neck, Cha Siu Sauce, Onions

A rendition of a traditional BBQ pork rice using slices of pork neck meat wasn’t as good as the ones you’d find at a siu mei shop – the meat was succulent but it was missing the sweet smokey flavor that the meat usually picks up from the roasting process.  I did like the way they replaced the white rice with red rice though.

image5 (14)
Kasa Style French Toast, Peanut Butter, Nutella

The desserts were much more successful.  The multi-layered french toast, a twist on a popular cha chaan tan dish, was sinfully delicious.  Packed with peanut butter and Nutella, we ooh’d and aah’d as we demolished this.

image4 (17)
Kasa Style Molten Duck Yolk Custard Cake

And finally, the infamous Kasa style molten duck yolk custard cake.  The cake was dense and a little dry but the oozing custard helped make it moist.

Verdict: I thought the food at Kasa was creative and a value for money.  Although the savory dishes have room for improvement, the desserts were outstanding and an absolute steal at 38 bucks a plate.  I will definitely return to try their other desserts and their baked duck stuffed with sea urchin which sounds very tempting!


Happy eating 🙂


*By invitation

家香 Kasa
Shop 103, 1/F, Shui On Centre, 6-8 Harbour Road, Wan Chai
852 2659 9189

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andre says:

    Yay loved their molted custard cake 😀
    You should have ordered their coffee or Hong Kong milk tea too! They are so good 😀


    1. simplyb313 says:

      Will try those next time! I have been craving for the peanut butter and Nutella french toast though… just thinking about it makes me fat! haha


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