[Hong Kong] Belon

A little background:  Belon is helmed by Chef James Henry who headed up the much-adored Bones in Paris before it closed its doors in Aug 2015.  Belon will be reminiscent of the dynamic food scene found in Paris’ 11th arrondissement. Well-executed basics made from scratch form the foundation of the menu, which showcases French-rooted yet locally-influenced cooking created with the high quality ingredients.

My visit:  Checked out Belon, the new French neo-bistro in Soho last weekend as I was desperate to beat my post holiday blues!

image5 (1)
Sea urchin and sweet potato waffle with smoked bacon cream

We started off with the sea urchin and sweet potato waffle with smoked bacon cream which sounded promising but unfortunately was a let down.  The waffle was too soggy causing the dish to lack a contrast in textures.  I actually asked one of the servers if it was meant to be soggy as I wasn’t sure if it was caused by me taking my sweet ass time to take photos!  He replied me “It depends on the mood of the chef.”  Ummm.. but isn’t it crucial to maintain consistency in the kitchen?

Hokkaido scallop with seaweed butter

Next up was the Hokkaido scallop with seaweed butter which was my favorite dish of the night.  It was a decadent but very simple dish. The Japanese scallops had a delicious natural sweetness and the melted seaweed butter helped enhance the rich meatiness of the fresh seafood.  I especially liked the use of black pepper which gave the dish a nice pop of heat.

image2 (1)
Whole roast chicken

The whole roast chicken stuffed with chicken liver, spinach and mushrooms was meant for 3-4 people but my girlfriend and I scarfed the whole thing down ourselves!  The chicken was tender and moist but still was not comparable to the one I had at Septime in Paris.

image3 (1)
Pommes Anna

The Pommes Anna that came with it was delectable as it was roasted in the chicken fat and juices dripped from the rotisserie.

image1 (1)

We finished off our meal with the millefeuille.  After being spoiled by Alain Passard‘s version, I think I now have a much higher standard for this decadent French dessert.  I found the one here at Belon a tad too hard and the addition of the caramel flavored liquor made the millefeuille overly sweet.

Verdict: Overall, I thought the food at Belon was okay, but too expensive for what it’s worth and the portions are tiny.  At this price point, I would rather take my money to Serge et le Phoque where the dishes are more creative and executed at a higher level.


Happy eating 🙂


41-43 Elgin Street, Soho, Hong Kong
852 2152 2872

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