[Hong Kong] URA Japanese Delicacy

My visit:  Headed over to URA for dinner since my foodie partner in crime has been bugging me about it for a while.  She had already studied the menu beforehand so I decided to let her choose our dishes for the night as I sat back, relaxed and waited to be fed!

image1 (26)
Kaatsura sea bluefin tuna tartare

We started off with the katsuura sea bluefin tuna tartare which was jet-fresh and delicious.

image4 (14)
Nagasaki chicken neck with soy sauce

The nagasaki chicken neck was charcoal grilled and finished off with a decent salty-sweet soy glaze.

image2 (16)
Crab miso, sea urchin, salmon roe cream sauce udon noodle

Next came the crab miso, sea urchin, salmon roe cream sauce udon noodle.  A very successful play on a classic spaghetti alla Carbonara.  The crab miso was creamy and the sea urchin added a sweet briny punch.  The udon was soft and chewy and went perfectly with the rich flavored sauce.

image3 (12)
A5 saga wagyu steak and sea urchin rice bowl

The A5 saga wagyu steak and sea urchin rice bowl was the bomb!  A mountain of rice surrounded by juicy slices of marbled snowflake wagyu, topped with fresh uni and served with nori to hold all the components together.  The light sweet sauce that we were asked to pour on top brought the whole dish together.  However, we both thought that the dish would have been even better if they had used Japanese sushi rice rather than jasmine rice.

image5 (12)
Matcha bavarian

We finished off our meal with a smooth creamy matcha bavarian that had the perfect amount of tea flavor.

Verdict:  I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed the food at URA.  All the dishes were satisfying and the servers were friendly and warm.  If you decide to come here, I highly recommend ordering the A5 wagyu steak and sea urchin rice bowl – it is heavenly!


Happy eating 🙂


URA Japanese Delicacy
2/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Sheung Wan
852 2111 9381





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