[Hong Kong] Seafood Room

A little background: Set as one of the biggest restaurant openings of the year, Seafood Room is Bulldozer Group’s (a leading hospitality and nightlife group from Russia) first restaurant in Hong Kong. The seafood-focused fine dining experience takes place in their 8,000 feet dining room and 2,000 square feet rooftop lounge that boasts one of the most enviable views of the Hong Kong harbour. The restaurant is helmed by executive chef James Cornwall (previously of J Sheekey, one of London’s top seafood restaurants) and features an interactive menu where guests can pick out whatever seasonal seafood tickles their fancy.

image1 (24)

My visit: Been seeing a lot of beautiful features of Seafood Room on instagram lately, so I decided that I had to come check it out for myself.  Since they were still in their soft opening phase, they had launched a trial lunch and dinner service and offered all guests a 30% off discount (SCOREEEE!).

image5 (10)
Tuna Carpaccio

We started off the night with the tuna carpaccio with foie gras and truffles.  It was a sheer delight!  The tuna practically melted in my mouth and the truffles were aromatic.  I would have loved the dish even more if the flavor of the foie gras was a bit more prominent as it was weakened by the addition of cream.

image4 (12)
Langoustine Tartare

The langoustine tartare was a knock out!  Chopped up pieces of sweet langoustine, creamy avocado, truffle and caviar combined to make this appetizer the stand out of the night.

image3 (10)
Sea Urchin Roe Spaghetti

However the sea urchin roe spaghetti with bottarga and tomato was less successful.  It was overly salty and fishy and the pasta was way undercooked.  They actually pan fried the sea urchin ruining its unique flavors and giving it a cooked minced beef like texture.

image2 (14)
Yuzu Tart

For dessert, we shared a yuzu tart with toasted meringue and green tea ice cream.  The piquant zing of the yuzu curd was balanced out nicely by the golden brown crown of the meringue but the ice cream lacked the level of green tea flavor.

Verdict:  Overall, for a restaurant in its soft-opening stage, I think Seafood Room shows great potential. Obviously, I didn’t love every single dish I tried, but the ones I did were spectacular enough that I can easily forgive the weaker ones. I was also treated by an impeccable customer service by their attentive group of staff.  I look forward returning soon to try more of their menu.


Happy eating 🙂


Seafood Room
Tower 535, 535 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
852 3708 9668

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