[Hong Kong] Vasco Fine Dining

A little background:  Vasco’s culinary heritage is rooted in Basque Country, nestled on the border of France and Spain.  Led by Chef Paolo Casagrande from two-Michelin-starred Lasarte Restaurant in Barcelona, the culinary team was trained by legendary Basque Chef Martin Berasetegui, seeking to bring gastronomy to new heights in this stunning restaurant.

My visit: I had been here last year for dinner on New Years Day and didn’t have a very good experience.  The service and ambiance was impeccable but we found that the food lacked the wow factor for the price.  But due to many positive reviews from my fellow foodies, I decided to come try again for lunch.

image1 (14)
Amuse Bouche

Our lunch kick started with a plate of amuse bouche which consisted of giant olives with olive caviar, fish crackers, and curry infused caramelized pistachios.  The latter was my favorite as the coating on the nuts were delicate and I loved the sweet crunch.

image9 (1)
Olive Oils

We were then given a choice of five different olive oils to choose from, each having their own characteristics.  I choose the 1921 bottle which was strong in flavor and had a hint of spice at the end.

image8 (2)
Sour Dough and Butter

Shortly after came their delicious whole wheat sour dough served with three different types of butter.  From left to to right – plain butter with seaweed, black garlic and tomato.  The butter with seaweed was absolutely divine – it was salty with a sweet finish – it tasted exactly like the ocean!  It was so good I almost got full on the bread!

image7 (4)

The warm brioche filled with iberico ham was also delicious.  The pastry was soft, flaky and aromatic.

image6 (8)
Octopus and Mushroom Foam

Our last amouse bouche was an octopus mushroom foam which was rich and velvety.

image5 (6)
Rhug Estate Venison with Vinegar Snow, Herb Chantilly and Horseradish Curd

For the appetizer, I chose the Rhug Estate venison with vinegar snow, herb chantilly and horse radish curd.  The presentation was beautiful.  The meat was thinly sliced, served raw and practically melted in my mouth.  I liked the use of the vinegar snow as it added a touch acidity and a different temperature to the dish.

image4 (8)
Caldoso Rice with Lobster and Cocochas of Bacalao

For the main, I had the Caldoso rice with lobster and cocochas of bacalao.  The soupy rice was perfectly cooked and flavorful.  It shared the spotlight with the lobster.  Very impressive!

image3 (6)
Mandarin Essence, with Vanilla Ice Cream and Pistachio

At this point, I was stuffed so I decided to go for a lighter dessert.  I chose the Mandarin essence, with vanilla ice cream and pistachio.  Again, the plating of the dessert was stunning.  The ice cream was smooth and the sponge cake was moist.  With the addition of the fresh mandarin and blood orange, it was indeed refreshing for my palette!

image2 (10)
Petite Four

Our meal ended with these delicious petite fours presented in the most beautiful glass casing.  I wanted to take it home to put gummy candies and chocolates of my own inside!

Verdict:  I am glad that I came back to Vasco and am convinced that last time I probably came on an off day.  I think their lunch is reasonably priced at $349 for two courses and $389 for three, considering the quality of their food, service and decor is over the top.  I will definitely return soon!


Happy eating! 🙂


Vasco Fine Dining
Shop H701-H708, 7/F, Block B Hollywood, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street,Central
852 2156 0888





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