[Hong Kong] Akrame*

Restaurant Akrame, which has been awarded with one Michelin star, is one of my favorite restaurants in Hong Kong.  I’ve had only good experiences here and they manage to continuously astound my palette every time.  One thing I adore about Chef Akrame Benallal is the way he uses ingredients you never imagined putting together and making it work beautifully.  So when I found out he was in town to unveil his new menu… I knew I had to go and I took my partner in food crime with me!

image4 (6)
The “Peking at” – Potato Chips/Onion Confit, Dauphine Potato/ Whole Grain Mustard/Smoked Beef, Sesame Biscuit/ Avocado

For our amuse bouche, we were served 3 different types of bite-sized hor d’oeuvre.  On one plate , there were potato chips with onion confit and a sesame biscuit with avocado.  On the other was a dauphine potato topped with whole grain mustard and smoked beef which was my favorite out of the three.  I liked how they used the saltiness of the smoked beef as the seasoning for the crispy potato puff.

image1 (11)
Vegetal – Soft Boiled Egg/Mushroom/Pecan nuts

Our first dish out of the 6 course menu was a soft boiled egg with mushroom and pecan nuts.  The egg was cooked perfectly.  When we cut through the egg, the yolk slowly dripped over the plate.  The use of thin cut mushrooms and crunchy pecans added an earthy tone to the light dish.

image5 (4)
Shell – Clam/Mint Sauce/Spinach/Lemon

Next we were served the clams with mint sauce, spinach and lemon.  The soft succulent clams sat in a pool of mint sauce which was not too overpowering.  The mild flavor of the spinach and lemon juice really brought the dish together.

image2 (8)
Surprise – Lobster/Beetroot/Blackberry/Seaweed

The third course was a Boston lobster which was poached in a teapot of  hot consumme right in front of us.  The lobster was beautifully semi-cooked; bright orange color on the outside and clear in the center.  The bouncy sweet lobster was perfectly paired with beetroot, blackberry, and seaweed creating a harmonized taste.

image6 (7)
Refreshing – Mojito Sorbet

Afterwards we were served a refreshing mojito sorbet to prepare our palettes for the meat dish.

image3 (4)
Meat – Pigeon/Cocoa/Celeriac/Coffee

Soon after, our server came over carrying a pot which contained the pigeon covered in cocoa beans.  The cocoa beans was so aromatic that we were able to smell it coming from the kitchen before it was even brought to us.  The bird was cooked well with a golden-brown finish and a lovely pink middle served with a vinaigrette that had just the right amount of tartness to lighten up the dish.

image1 (12)
Milky – Comte Cheese/Mushroom/Mushroom Broth

Our fifth dish was comte cheese and mushroom in a mushroom broth.  This was a fun and delicate dish.  The cheese and mushroom were thinly sliced and layered on top of one another and the hot mushroom broth helped melt and balance out the sharpness of the cheese.

image7 (3)
Sweetness – Milk Chocolate Custard/Tonka Milk Mousse, Black Chocolate Tube/Tarragon Ice Cream, Mango/Pistachio Cream/Coconut Ice Cream

Our last course was a trio of desserts.  The mango with pistachio cream and coconut ice cream was simple but elegant and brought us a taste of the tropics.  The milk chocolate custard with tonka milk mousse was delightful.  The mousse was lighter than air and the chocolate mousse was rich.  The chocolate brulee on top added a nice crunch.  The black chocolate tube with tarragon ice cream was an interesting dessert.  The flavor of  the tarragon ice cream was very powerful and could barely be eaten on its own.  However, when combined with the chocolate tube, it added just the right amount of bitterness to the sweet chocolate.

Ending our meal was a plate of petit four with meringues and a bar of sea salt dark chocolate to take home.

Verdict:  Chef Akrame’s approach to food is risky and bold.  He is constantly thinking outside of the box and has a great talent in combining tastes in such a way that they temper and complement one another.  If you’re looking to be adventurous and to try new flavor combinations, then there is no better place to do so than at Akrame.


Happy eating 🙂


restaurant Akrame
9B Ship Street, Wan Chai
852 2528 5089



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