[Hong Kong] Sushi Tokami

A little background:  The original Sushi Tokami in Japan was established in Ginza Tokyo in 2013. The restaurant immediately earned its Michelin star status in 2014. And in 2016, it continued to be recommended by the Michelin Guide as one of the best sushi restaurants.  Sushi Tokami takes advantage of the freshest and finest ingredients available in the Tsukiji Market. The tuna dishes offered by Sushi Tokami are made using top-rated bluefin tunas and tanada rice originated from Niigata; the rice, rich in essential minerals, is cooked in traditional Japanese olla with the addition of red vinegar fermented using natural sake yeast — a demonstration of Edo-mae sushi tradition. In the same manner, an impressive piece of sushi is made, right at Sushi Tokami, Hong Kong!

My visit:  I had a wonderful experience at Sushi Tokami in Tokyo (review coming soon!) back in October 2015 and when Hiro-san (executive chef) told me that he would be opening a branch in Hong Kong, I was excited!  So my bestie and I decided to check it out for my early birthday celebration.

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For lunch, you can choose between 12, 14 and 16 piece sushi set.  We went with the 16 pieces as it was the only set that came with uni.  I have to say that is pretty evil!  We were served by Chef Taga-san.

image2 (7)
Hokkaido Hairy Crab

To start, we were served a bowl of shredded Hokkaido crab meat on a bed of wakame seaweed.  The crab meat was sweet and fresh and went well with the subtly sweet flavors and satiny textures of the seaweed.  A refreshing dish to start the meal.

image4 (5)
Robin Fish (Houbou)

We started off our omakase lunch with the houbou.  It was soft and had a delicate taste.  However I found the fish to rice ratio a little off.  The mound of rice was a  little too small.  I mentioned this to our server and she explained that they purposely made the rice smaller for Hong Kong diners as they have received many complaints that the diners were too full to finish their meal!  I gave her a weird look and politely asked if we could have our nigiri Tokyo sized and they happily accommodated!

image5 (3)
Squid (Ika)

The squid was absolutely delicious.  It had a creamy texture and coated my mouth with sweet flavors.  The black pepper was the perfect garnish to enhance the flavor of the squid.

image6 (6)
Gizzard Shad (K0hada)

The gizzard shad had really strong flavors.  To be honest, I am still learning to enjoy this fish!

image7 (2)
Tuna (Maguro)

Next came the glistening, gem-like piece of maguro.  The tuna was rich in flavor, almost had no fat and firm.  This brought me back to Tokyo.  Absolutely delicious!

image8 (1)
Medium Fatty Tuna (Chu-toro)

Chu-toro – what delicacy!  This was my favorite cut.  The fish was creamy and fatty while the flavors of the tuna was still apparent.

Fatty Tuna (O-toro)

The O-toro was well marbled and practically melted in my mouth.  The use of the red vinegar helped balance out the rich oils.

Scallop (Hotate)

The scallop was plump and soft.  The pepper and drop of citrus helped intensify the sweetness of the scallop.

Shrimp (Kuruma Ebi)

The kuruma ebi was juicy and had a sweet aroma.  However, I wished it was crunchier and bigger like the one I had in Tokyo.

Baby Snapper

My least favorite piece.  I found the texture a little too mushy and had a strong fishy taste.

File Fish (Kawahagi)

The kawahagi was superb!  Its liver was used to make the sauce, served over a bed of rice and garnished with scallions – a wonderful, wonderful combination.  I couldn’t stop nodding my head as I demolished this!

Horse Mackerel (Aji)

The aji was plump and had a mild oily texture.  The scallions helped balance out the rich flavors leaving a light aftertaste.  However I found it less flavorful than the one I had in Tokyo.

Golden Eye Snapper (Kinmedai)

The golden eye snapper was tender, rich and slightly sweet.  Another great piece!


Sea Urchin (Uni)

My triple-decker uni!  Just look at this beauty – creamy, rich and sweet!  Chef Taga-san told me to eat it in one bite and I did not let him down although it wasn’t a pretty sight!

Hem Clam

The hem clam was soft and chewy.

Rosy Seabass (Akamutsu)

My new found love!  Slightly seared with a torch burner, the rosey seabass was fatty, oily, and sweet – what’s not to love?

Eel (Anago)

Sadly, when the anago makes its entrance, it means we are close to the end of the meal.

Tuna Collar Roll (Tossaki Temaki)

The last hurrah – their signature tuna collar roll!  This was the highlight of my meal in the Tokyo branch and Hong Kong’s version did not disappoint either!  It was creamy and strong in flavor and the nori was perfectly crispy!

Egg (Tomago)

The egg was like a sweet pudding.  Although I like the creme brulee version from the Tokyo branch more, This was still a great dessert to curb the appetite.

To finish, we were served a bowl of miso soup.

Verdict:  I absolutely enjoyed my meal here at Sushi Tokami Hong Kong.  Although some of the fish may not be as fresh or as flavorful as the ones at the Tokyo branch, I do believe this is the closest we can get without having to jump on a plane!


Happy eating 🙂


Sushi Tokami
Shop 216A, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
852 2771 3938


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