[Hong Kong] L’atelier de Joel Robuchon***

A little background:  Awarded three Michelin stars by the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong and Macau for the fifth consecutive year. L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon opened its doors in Hong Kong in 2006, based on a new concept which Joël Robuchon created in Tokyo in 2003. The décor of the L’Atelier restaurant series is contemporary chic featuring lush red velvet seating complemented by dark wood furniture.  L’Atelier is designed with a circular bar enveloping an open kitchen, allowing customers to witness all aspects of cooking, from food preparation to the plating of dishes. The menu offers a variety of great French classics in innovative tapas-style portions.

My visit:  I can always depend on Robuchon for a solid good French dinning meal.  However, if I was looking for an innovative and creative French dinning experience, I would go somewhere else.  I know that I will always leave Robuchon feeling satisfied which is why I chose to take my mom here for dinner.  It is a safe choice and it is the perfect choice since my mom is the type of person that is easily impressed with top notch ingredients being slapped on a plate rather than foam!

Joel Robuchon’s restaurant is divided into two separate areas – L’atelier de Joel Robuchon and Le Jardin de Joel Robuchon.  I always choose L’aterlier over Le Jardin because I like see all the action in the kitchen as well as order from a special tasting menu which consists of many of their signature dishes in smaller portions – this is a great way to try more things!

image5 (2)

Every meal at Robuchon kicks off with the most impressive bread basket.  Over a dozen different types of bread all fresh from the oven.  My favourites are the saffron bun, croissant, and the bacon baguette.  Don’t be ashamed to doggy bag these home!  I always do!

image2 (5)
Amuse bouche
Le caviar imperial

Our first appetizer was the Sologne Imperial caviar.  Under the fish roe is a surprise layer of lobster jelly and crab in fennel cream.  The dish was elegant and had wonderful flavours.  I was tempted to lick the tin clean as I wanted to make sure that every single roe was demolished!

image7 (1)

Next I had the sea urchin in a lobster jelly topped in cauliflower cream.  The sea urchin was sweet and it went well with the smooth and silky  texture of the cauliflower cream.  However, I do prefer Amber’s version more (review coming soon!)

image1 (8)
Le homard

The blue lobster in turnip ravioli was fragrant and bright.  Each ravioli was filled with sweet juicy lobster meat complimented with a variety of textures.  I think my expression said it all when I devoured this dish.  During each bite I would close my eyes and savor the flavors.

image6 (5)
La truffe blanche

Our last appetizer was the Alba white truffle on “Roseval” potato and foie gras rolls salad.  The foie gras was amazingly smooth and with the combination of the white diamonds, it was a match made in heaven.

image1 (9)
La caille

For my main course, I ordered the free-range quail with foie gras, served with their famous mashed potatoes, which is their signature dish.  The quail was cooked perfectly – tender and juicy but taste wise, it was very average.  Next time, I’ll go back to ordering the steak tartare instead.  The tartare served here has a great balance of cold steak, salty capers, spicy chilies, and sharp chives and shallots, topped with a quail egg, fine black truffles and gold flakes. Definitely one of the best steak tartares I’ve ever had.

image4 (4)
Le black cod

My mom had the black cod with miso sauce, Chinese cabbage and coconut emulsion. The fish was firm and moist.  She especially enjoyed how there was an Asian accent added to the dish to make it more novel and refreshing.

image2 (6)
L’oeuf de poule

For dessert, my mom and I shared the egg souffle.  The souffle had great height, light, crisp on the top and moist in the center.  The creamy egg yolk hidden at the bottom was divine.    The vanilla ice cream was the perfect extra indulgence that complimented the souffle beautifully.

image3 (2)
Petite four

Verdict:  As mentioned above, I am always happy with my meals at Robuchon but I would definitely need some extra wow factors from the food and service for me to want to come back more often or to be willing to splurge $2088 on their Discovery Menu.


Happy eating 🙂


L’atelier de Joel Robuchon
Shop 401, 4/F, The Landmark, 16 Des Voeux Road Central, Central
852 2166 9000




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