[Hong Kong] Yardbird

A little background:  Yardbird is a modern izakaya-style restaurant that specializes in yakitori (skewered, grilled chicken).  The many different parts of a chicken, including the heart, liver, oyster, neck, etc. are grilled over traditional binchotan charcoal.  Their menu also features dishes that incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients and an array of carefully selected sake, shochu, beer, wine and Japanese Whisky

My visits:  Yardbird is another one of the few restaurants I keep returning to.  Whenever I come here, I feel like I have temporarily escaped from Hong Kong and have returned back to Downtown, Toronto.  It gives off a good vibe and the servers are friendly.  The food is simple, delicious and always hits the spot.

chicken oysters

Time is of the essence when you dine here so whatever you do… STOP and order the chicken oysters first!  There is no time to warm up your seat or scroll through the menu. For those who don’t know, chicken oysters are the two small, oyster-shaped pieces of dark meat that lie on either side of a whole chicken’s backbone. Arguably the best part of the chicken, these tender bits usually gets sold out by 7pm so order them fast or pre-order them if you know ahead of time that you would not make it to the first seating.

Inner thighs

If you are unable to order the oysters… the inner thighs are a good alternative.

Chicken neck

The neck is another must at Yardbird.  With no bone in sight… the meat is moist and has the perfect amount of  heat and acidity from the yuzu kosho.

KFC – Korean fried cauliflower

The KFC is a very smart dish.  The crunchy cauliflower covered with tangy chili sauce and sesame seeds are addictive and has great texture.

image1 (2)
Tempura Corn

I absolutely love this dish.  It is not oily at the all.  The sweet crispy kernels just pops in your mouth with flavor and there is just the right amount of seasoning to give it a little savoury touch.


image2 (1)
Chicken wings

The wings are always cooked to perfection – moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.  The shichimi packs the wings with a nice spicy flavour and the lemon juice provides an alluring contrast of flavours.

Verdict:  Yes, yes and yes!  I promise you chicken will never taste the same again!  Come here and come early as there are no reservations and they only sit you down when your whole party has arrived.  Also note that they do not have a service charge policy.


Happy eating 🙂


33-35 Bridges Street SOHO, Sheung Wan
852 2547 9273


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