[Hong Kong] Pan De Pain Pancakes & Sweets

A little background:  Genuine Japanese style pancakes handcrafted to the perfection with premium ingredients sourced from Japan and over the world. Pan de Pain pancakes are freshly made with premium flour and 3.6milk from Japan that boasted a distinct smoothness and fluffiness with a sweet smell of vanilla. On top of our signature pancakes that serve with seasonal fruits, or as simple as honey and butter, Pan de Pain also serves gourmet pancakes in soufflé, French toast and savoury style that brings up pancakes to another level of delicacy good for all day enjoyment.

My visit:  I have been regretting not making an effort to try the famous Japanese style souffle pancakes when I was in Tokyo back in October so when I saw photos of this place all over IG, I was determined to go.  I didn’t realize how new this place was and that it had generated so much hype already so I was shocked to find a long queue outside at 4:30pm on a weekday!  After lining up for 50 minutes, we were in.

Souffle Pancake

The souffle pancake arrived first.  It was served with a lightly whipped butter on top.  The pancakes were thick, airy and fluffy and they masterfully absorbed the butter and syrup.  The sweetness was perfect.  They were quite delicious.


The strawberry pancake looked very pretty but it tasted very average to me.  Although the vanilla and strawberry cream was soft and light, I found the pancake a little dry.  I much prefer the souffle pancake.


Verdict:  I found the prices quite reasonable.  $68 for the souffle pancake although it is bit small.  I may come back  when there is less hype considering it is the only Japanese style souffle pancake in town, but I am sure more Japanese styled pancakeries will be popping up very soon!


Happy eating 🙂


Pan De Pain Pancakes & Sweets
TST Shop B111B号18 K11 Hanoi Road shopping galleries B1 floor
(852) 2576 1968




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